Investors earn 17.48% as the second project is fully completed

Gustas Germanavičius

Investors earn 17.48% as the second project is fully completed

Today, a rental project S11-A - an office in the Newtown of Vilnius, at Švitrigailos str. 11A - is fully completed.

The premises were sold for € 100,000. As a result, the investors earned € 6,387 (60% of the earned profit of € 10,645) as capital growth or a return of 10.59% in addition to the monthly rental interest of 6.89%.
The total return on investment (ROI) of the second fully completed rental project from InRento has reached 17.48%!
Currently, the average return on rental income and capital growth from InRento's completed projects is 19.49%. 

Our goal is to protect investors' funds from inflation. Even considering last year's inflation of 10.6% in Lithuania, this project has achieved this goal and earned a real profit. Average inflation is unlikely to decline next year, and we believe our product is an excellent choice to overcome it.

Income from capital growth is what no other real estate investment platform has offered before InRento.

InRento has already funded 49 rental properties in Lithuania and Spain for a total of € 3.43 million. 


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