Introducing Invite a Friend program

David Urbanovitš

Introducing Invite a Friend program

InRento is introducing the "Invite a Friend" program.

The principle of this program is very simple. If you have people among your friends, acquaintances, colleagues or relatives who are interested in investing in real estate, suggest them to register on the InRento platform.

If that person signs up through your unique invitation link and makes at least one investment, both of you receive €20 in each of your accounts.

You can find your unique invitation link by logging in to your account, clicking on your name, and selecting the "Invite a Friend" section.

You can modify the link up to you, for example, inrento.com/aff/yourname


Terms & conditions of this campaign:

  • The person should not have had an account on the InRento platform prior to this campaign.
  • The person should sign up using your unique invitation link.
  • €20 is paid to the person who invited the friend, and €20 is paid to the invited person only when the latter makes the first investment. 
  • Payments are made at the beginning of each month for the previous month.
  • The referrer is not required to have investments on the account on the InRento platform, but it is necessary to have a Paysera or MangoPay account linked to receive the bonus.

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