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Getting started

InRento is the first and largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform in the EU. InRento is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania. 

InRento investors earn passive income from buy-to-let projects.

With InRento, you don’t need to have large amounts of funds to be able to invest in real estate rental projects. 

The main advantages of the investment are:

-Lower risk projects as project owners pay interest from monthly rent;
-Capital gain allows earning additional returns when the asset is sold at a higher price;
-Mostly, indexed rental income (interest). Protection against inflation;

All investments are protected by a primary mortgage. The mortgaged real estate is pledged on InRento (investors).

InRento is the first and largest licensed buy-to-let crowdfunding platform in the European Union.

Unlike other investment platforms, investors don’t have to think hard about how the investment will be repaid, as the cash flows of InRento projects depend on rental income. Generally, buy-to-let is considered a lower-risk investment compared to development finance.

In InRento, investors can also earn from real estate capital gains when assets are sold at a higher price than when they were purchased.

InRento is licensed and supervised by the Bank of Lithuania, which is why the company has strict capital requirements. In the unlikely scenario of InRento default, a contractual administrator would be appointed to meet the needs of investors and project owners.

InRento acts as an intermediary and expert in selecting investments. Financial agreements are concluded directly between investors and project owners. That means that any other administrator or financial institution could take over loans.

First, you need to register and become part of our investor community: https://inrento.lt/private-registration.html

Confirm your identity and choose one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.

Finally, select the project you want to invest in, read the terms and click - Invest.

InRento platform is licensed and regulated by the Bank of Lithuania and operates following the regulations of crowdfunding operators. InRento follows the laws of Lithuania and the regulations of the European Union. More information is available on the Bank of Lithuania website: https://www.lb.lt/en/sfi-financial-market-participants/uab-inrento

Adding funds

InRento clients must choose between two payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.

After that, a user opens an account continuously operated in the user’s name only by him. InRento does not manage users' accounts.

When you click invest, the funds are transferred to an escrow account (opened with one of the financial institutions) and transferred to the project owner (the borrower). This is done only after the project owner meets the security requirements of the agreement – mortgages the real estate on behalf of the investors.

Log in to your InRento account, and select – “Deposit” in the “Portfolio” section.

Keep in mind that before funds are deposited, you must have chosen one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.





People (adults) over 18 years old who hold a bank account. Before investing, clients must confirm their identity and choose one of the payment systems – Paysera or Mangopay.

The minimum investment is 500 EUR.

InRento clients are not subject to any investment fees in the primary market.

Investors are only subject to trading – 2% secondary market tax if an investor decides to sell their investment to another investor before the loan term is exceeded.

In addition, if the project owner is non-compliant with financial obligations or is late on interest payments for investors, InRento charges a 0.1% loan administration fee on the interest payable.

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

2FA helps to increase the security of your investment account. You will need to verify the login with an external authentication mechanism.

InRento uses – Google Authenticator, which is commonly used on other websites. If you activate 2FA for your InRento account, you will be prompted each time you log in.

Log in to your InRento account, select – Account, and click – Two-factor authentication. After activating 2FA, you will be asked to scan the QR code and enter the code each time you log in.

Secondary Market

A Secondary Market is a place where you can sell your investments to other investors or buy investments from other investors.

The seller is charged 2% of the selling price (investment).

With a discount, you can sell your investment at a lower price than you bought it. The higher the discount, the faster you are likely to sell your investment.

With premium, you can sell your investment at a higher price than you bought it. The higher the premium, the longer it may take to sell the investment. 


You can find your tax report in the account section on the bottom-left side of the page, you just have to press on it and a pdf file will be generated to you.


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